Executive Staff

Ron Samuelian, CEO

Ross Levine, MD Medical Director

Business Office Staff

Our business office staff are the finest in Northwest Florida, or anywhere else for that matter. They are committed to serving your needs and making your experience as pleasant as possible. You will find us well prepared for your visit due to up front coordination with your physician.

Pre-Op Staff

Your physician may require a preoperative evaluation by our anesthesia and nursing staff before your surgery or procedure. Or, you may just come to the NWFSC on the day you are scheduled. Our nurses are specialists in preparing you for your procedure, answering questions, and putting your or your family’s mind at ease. Oh, we also cater to kids!

OR/Procedure Room Staff

Our OR/Procedure Room Staff is a team of multi-experienced professionals working together with your physician to plan and coordinate the best care possible. This fine tuned team requires the services of individuals knowledgeable in the areas of purchasing, sterilization, instrumentation, radiology, surgical nursing, and equipment maintenance.

PACU/Post-Op Staff

Our multi-experienced Post-Op nurses will be there to assist you with a comfortable recovery after your surgery or procedure. Most of our Post-Op nurses have many years of ICU experience and most are ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certified. They work together with other NWFSC staff to include your immediate family members or guardian in the important part of your recovery care process. Oh, don’t forget, we cater to kids!